My Relationship: How We Met

Hey y’all, so I’m going to start a new series on the blog about my relationship! I just wanted to add something to make my blog more personable. I’m not old and wise at all, but I do think I’ve learned and have grown up a ton these last four years of my life. And I do believe it is because of being in a relationship with Andy. Still to this day, and probably forever, I will never know how I got so lucky. I was truly blessed with such a good person.

Pictures taken by the incredible Brittany Marie Porter. More information at the end of the post!


It all started on twitter, yes twitter. So basically I was having a sleepover with my cousin Erica, and her good friend, Simon told her that Andy and I should talk. So I did what most strong, courageous, young, 16 year old girls do, slid into Andys twitter DMs. SO incredibly romantic I know. I still didn’t have an iPhone so for the first month of us talking it was on my iPod. We talked for about a month before meeting just because he was going to Malibu (church camp) and when he finally got home I went on a family vacation. So the first month of us knowing each other we never got the chance to meet until after we were back from our trips. The day we were going to finally meet for the first time ever got ruined because I woke up with the worst swollen eye of all time, I’m talking COMPLETELY shut. He said he didn’t care that my eye was swollen shut (so I knew he was a keeper from the start). BUT, I still ended up cancelling because I didn’t even want to leave my house. He later on in our relationship told me he was convinced that I was lying and just trying to postpone our date as much as I could.  But I truly just looked like a science experiment blew up in my face, I really did. Anyways, we met up maybe two days later at the movie theater. Which is not a good first date at all because you can’t talk so you don’t even get to know the person. Andy beat me to the movie and was waiting outside and I was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life. I remember walking up the stairs and he was just waiting at the top and I truly felt sick to my stomach I was so excited to meet this cute boy! He was so sweet from the start. He was (and still is) the easiest person to talk to. He paid for my movie ticket, and over priced movie theater popcorn. We ended up watching who knows what movie, I just remember it being awful, and he thought so too (we had so much in common already LOL). According to Andy, I played with my hair the entire time (nervous habit). I am truly laughing so hard typing this out because who goes to the movies on a first date.

We didn’t get to talk much on the date, but I was already crushin’ on this sweet boy. We talked after our date and he told me that he didn’t expect my voice to be how it is (I basically sound like a man if you ask me). We quickly made plans to go on a second date and we went to the beach. We just walked around and we talked for like 3 hours straight and it was probably one of my favorite days ever. I had never felt so comfortable with someone so fast. This was big for me because during this time in my life, when I was 16 I was so insecure and kept to myself. I wouldn’t be confident being my super loud extroverted self that all of my friends see today if I didn’t have Andy to accept me first. I would still be super shy and introverted because I didn’t know what people would think of me if I was true to myself. So for me being able to not feeling like I had to be this calm person, who isn’t a total weirdo was a really big deal. He honestly made me feel super confident in myself. I was full on falling for him, and I didn’t even realize what I was getting myself into. I remember being the happiest I’ve ever been after being with him. Like I had butterflies constantly (still do) and I just remember thinking about when we would hangout next after our date was over.

So that’s our super romantic fairytale way of how we first started talking, and how we first met! Make sure to subscribe so you can get notifications when I post more about Andy and I’s relationship!

Pictures were taken by the amazing Brittany Porter. You should all check her out! She is truly talented and has the sweetest personality.  She made this shoot so fun and super easy for Andy and I. We were so comfortable! Please check her out, her Instagram is brittanymaarie_photography and her website

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