Hello all! Welcome back to my blog, as always thank you so much for checking out my page. Today, I want to talk to y’all about this fun outfit that was shot by Victoria Lemos, an extraordinary photographer who was a breeze to work with! You should most definitely check her out if you are in need of some pictures! So this outfit has a lot goin’ on. To be completely honest with you guys I truly had no idea how this outfit would look together when I first thought of it. But once I had everything on it turned out pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself. I really like this outfit with all of these statement pieces together in one look. But they are also great pieces that can be paired with many different things in order to make an entirely different look with one of these articles as the statement piece of clothing.

My fuzzy coat is the BEST thing I’ve ever bought. It is so soft and actually keeps me warm! And the color, I die, amazing. Any kind of dusty, light, or muted pink is my thing. The coat is from Forever21 and I got it for 50% off. I felt like a bargaining QUEEN. I’ve already worn it far too many times and it truly looks just as good as the day I got it, while being the perfect addition to just about any outfit. The color is also a great neutral with a little twist that compliments all skin colors! My hat that I’m wearing is also from Forever21. I got it online for a great price, and love wearing it to add a little extra to an outfit. Honestly, every time I wear it I just feel like I am ready to be a train conductor. But needless to say it’s still adorable and I can’t stop raving about it!

As for my top, I’m wearing a white, off the shoulder cropped top from Brandy Melville. Now, for this specific look, it doesn’t have to be an off the shoulder type of style. Any old white tank, or tee would work. I just wore an off the shoulder for picture purposes in case I wanted to sneak a little skin in there. The pants are also from Brandy Melville and I am constantly wearing these. Even though I bought them over the summer, they are still such a versatile piece. Pairing them with different style tops can give you a more seasonal look. You definitely need these in your wardrobe!

Okay so the booties might not be everyone’s taste, they’re loud, a bright white, and I absolutely love them. I think it just brightened up this whole outfit. I have been wearing these nonstop with all of my looks recently, I just can’t get enough. I got mine on cyber Monday from an online shop called Priceless for such a great deal. I’ve seen some at Target, and Steve Madden also has a similar style as well! I’ve found that the ones I have are such great quality and so comfortable to walk in! So I recommend getting them on Priceless.

Now for the CUTEST dainty star necklace that I can not stop wearing. It is perfect but also a little different! This necklace is from Mary Kathryn Design. She is the sweetest and has amazing quality products! It just really completed this fun outfit!

I hope you guys are having just the most wonderful time this holiday season with the people you love the most! Happy New Year to you all! Thank you guys for all of the support, and make sure to enter in your email to subscribe to my blog.


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