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HELLLOOOO EVERYBODY! I’m in a really good mood writing this. I’m just pumped to share all my favorite products! Some of these products I started using at the beginning of the month and some I’ve had for a few months and I’ve just reached for them more this month. Also thank you to Victoria Lemos Photography for taking the picture above and many more! So talented, check her out!

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Winter is, well, cold. So, what I’ve been wearing every single day is my puffer aka my parka. I wear it with everything! Mine is from the brand Columbia and its just a plain long black coat. It’s a staple for sure.

I have also been LOVING my new loafers that I got from target! They are such a huge trend this upcoming spring semester and everyone needs a pair! They are so easy to slip on. They can really complete any outfit.

MESH! I love mesh tops! They can really make you look like you’re putting in a lot of effort, but really it’s basically just a t-shirt. Easy fashion like this is the kind of fashion I enjoy! There are some really inexpensive ones at Forever21!

UGGs!!! More specifically, moccasins!! I don’t care what anyone says UGGs will never go out of style. They’re warm and fuzzy and they’re what dreams are made of. I wear my mine everywhere, Yes, they’re slippers, but comfort people, it matters!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.34.00 PM

Moving on to my must have beauty products this last month! I’ve loved my Origins Pore Perfecting Primer! I mentioned it in my last blog post! I really need everyone to try it. It is a life changer. I’m usually not a fan of face primers, BUT this is the one!

I also have been loving my NYX liquid Illuminator and mixing it in with my foundation. This is really helping my face look not so dull during these winter months when I look like I haven’t seen sun in about 10 years.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.47.42 PM

I’ve been wanting to make my skin a bigger priority. So, I went out and bought LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask at Sephora at the beginning of the month. I’ve been using this twice a week and I have been loving it! It makes my skin feel refreshed and moisturized. It’s a gel mask and it seriously hydrates my skin like crazy. It’s an amazing product! I have seen some major changes in my skin!

Another favorite is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. I used to use the rosewater spray, but I’ve heard that the one I’m using now is great for redness which is what my skin needs help with. I’ve loved using this and adding it into my skincare routine!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.45.25 PM

Okay so, I suck when it comes to hair. Really. I hate washing, styling, caring for my hair. Just because I have so much of it and it’s such a pain in the butt. But I have some products that I’ve been constantly using and obsessing over. Whenever I wash my hair I use the It’s A 10 leave-In product. My hair is the worst after I shower and this product is a miracle, truly. It makes brushing my hair not miserable and seriously has made my hair silky and healthy! And this product does many, many more things to your hair!

Whenever I do decide to style my hair, which has been like twice this month, I’ve used the Living Proof Full Dry Volume blast spray! It makes my hair super voluminous and big. This product is so easy to use and feels really lightweight on my hair!

As for dry shampoo (which I use too much of) I absolutely love Batiste Divine Dark Dry Shampoo. I used to use the regular spray, but it would make the top of my head look white and weird since my hair is dark now. So I’ve really enjoyed this product.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.49.35 PM

Hot Power Yoga is the best thing ever! I started going this month and I have fallen in love with it! I feel so much better after every session. I literally didn’t go once and I was in the worst mood ever. I seriously am obsessed with going to yoga. It’s just nice to focus on just yoga for an hour with no distractions.

TEA! Any kind of tea is the best and so so yummy. I realized that I was drinking way too much coffee so, this last month I’ve been drinking a cup of tea every morning instead!

Okay so, I have this issue… where I start a Netflix show and it’s almost impossible for me to stop. Not kidding ask my roommate or boyfriend. It’s bad. I have not been able to stop watching 90210. I started watching it towards the end of the month and I’m close to done with all of the seasons… and there’s five. I know it’s not normal and I should really get a life. But this happens every time I start a show. I guess you could say that I’m not a quitter…

And that is all that I’ve been loving this month! Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments! I think I’m going to try and start doing this post every month! I also made a Youtube video for those that enjoy watching more than reading! So make sure to check it out! Remember to subscribe to both my blog and channel to be notified when my posts go live! Have a great week everyone!


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