Back into the swing of things…


I know, long time no post. But that’s okay because I am back and back for good! As dumb as it may sound to some of you, writing about things I love is a nice escape from my everyday life. I have had the hardest time so far this year to make time for things I enjoy, like making these blog posts! I have gotten a ton of people asking when I would get back into it, so I am now making my blog a part of my weekly routine. Posts for my blog will honestly be on whatever the heck I want whenever the heck I feel like postin’ about it! It’s so crazy that it’s already been a year since I started my website!!! That’s literally insane to think about and I am just excited for what this new year has to bring. My goal is to focus more on my website and really take it to the next level. I have some really fun stuff planned so stay tuned!


A small little update for all of you. This summer Andy and I went to visit our sweet, sweet best friend Megan at her new home in Kentucky, and then we went on a mini road trip down to Nashville (which is officially my new favorite city, WOW). Fast forward a few months and I started my senior year here at WSU! How wild is that?! I feel like I’m still this little 16 year old except I am most definitely not because I’m turning 22 in a little over a month. I also moved into an old creaky house near campus with some amazing people and I could have not picked a better place to live in for my last year in college! As for my semester so far, time has been flying by. Luckily I was able to go back home for a quick weekend to see my family and I also got to see the progress on the new house!!! My new family home is turning out to be absolutely beautiful. I will do an update on it as soon as I can!  The last little update but most definitely not the least important is that Andy and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary back in September!!! I could not be happier! We celebrated in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The weekend was willed with Jet Skiing, the BEST dinner I have ever had in my life, and ended with a Cougar Football game. Life has been so full of blessings these last few months and I’m happy I found the time to share with you all. Make sure to subscribe to my blog!

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