I wanted to share the trip to Whistler, BC that Andy and I just took. This trip was our Christmas gift to each other. We each paid for a night at The Four Seasons Resort (highly recommend – it was pure bliss). I honestly would much rather have gone on a trip as a Christmas gift instead of receiving shoes or clothes and other THINGS. I personally think an experience is a great gift so you can make memories that you’ll remember and cherish forever! Andy and I try to do this for anniversaries and Christmas and birthdays.

From where we live, Whistler is a little less than a 4-hour trip so it makes for a fun little road trip! We went to Whistler before our room was ready so we decided to eat some lunch. We walked around Whistler Village, which is so cute around the holidays and looks like a real life North Pole. And we stopped to eat at El Furniture Warehouse which caught our eye because it said everything on the menu was $5.95 so… of course we ate there. It was such a fun environment with good music playing! And of course, we loved our $5 meals. I seriously think this was my favorite place we ate at!!

We stayed at the Four Seasons as I mentioned earlier and it. was. a. dream. It was so beautiful and they were so accommodating from the very beginning. It was fully decorated for the holidays with Christmas trees in every corner which just made it that much better. Our room was my absolute favorite with a fireplace and balcony… seriously dreamy. Snow falling with the fireplace watching Christmas movies??? Are you kidding me!? A dream come true. At the Four Seasons, they had complimentary s’mores with the cutest setup ever outside. Inside they had a complimentary hot chocolate bar. But this hot chocolate was, no lie, the best thing I’ve ever tried… ever. They also had an outdoor pool that was perfectly heated for the cold weather as well as hot tubs and a sauna that felt absolutely amazing to go in after walking around in a bathing suit in 30-degree weather. Seriously so relaxing.

We also were recommended to go to Green Lake. This was about a 5-minute drive from the village. It was absolutely breathtaking. We met so many snow puppies that were running around. SO CUTE! This was so beautiful and the houses around this lake were dream houses… seriously. The views of this lake were absolutely unreal and the pictures will just not do it justice! We also went ice skating in Olympic Plaza, which I loved since I’m not the worst ice skater but Andy totally is. This is great for me since he’s better than me at most everything, but this isn’t one of those things so I get to enjoy him not enjoying himself. Does that make sense? Love is fun! haha

Another place I would recommend eating is the Longhorn Saloon & Grill! This place was seriously so much fun with loud music and fun disco balls everywhere! I recommend trying the bulldog – seriously SO yummy. If you go to whistler you need to make a stop here because it is seriously SO much fun. I got a ton of recommendations to go there when asked where to eat!

Andy and I are going to try and make this an annual trip from now on since we had so much fun and it wasn’t too far from home! Next time we go to Whistler we are going to try PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. We couldn’t go this trip because they were sold out unfortunately so definitely buy tickets in advance! Also, we will be going skiing next time! We were just there for such a short amount of time that we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to do and I think we both wanted to just kind of see everything first and then next year we’ll be more aware of what we will do!

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